Beef up on your Basics of Home Security

Most people feel confident about the basics of home security; like keeping all doors and windows locked, having a light on in the house while away, and never hiding a key outside in an obvious place. Yet, each year almost a million and a half properties are burglarized in North America.

If you are planning a trip somewhere warm this winter, or spending the Holidays away, here are some extra home security measures to help keep your home safe.

  1. Never hide a key outside. Thieves know all of the hiding places. Instead, ensure all family members have a key.
  2. Most home burglaries take place during the daytime. Be extra attentive about making sure doors and windows are locked while at work or running errands during the day.
  3. Look into a security system. Homes without an alarm system are 2.7X more likely to be targeted. 40% of household burglaries do not even involve forced entry.
  4. Thieves are able to slip in through unlocked windows or doors or properties.
  5. Most forced-entry attempts will be through sliding-style doors and windows. Make sure these have an extra bolt lock or a locking bar.
  6. Don’t show off possessions. An imported racing bike parked next to the garage, or expensive equipment clearly seen through a windows can be seen as an invitation.
  7. Take a look at the lighting and landscaping around your property. Are there spots where a thief could easily hide? If so, make some changes.
  8. When planning a trip, have a trusted neighbor pick up newspapers, flyers and anything else that may accumulate at your door.

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