Buy a house recently? You could have close to a $1000 rebate waiting!!!

Did you buy a house in the past few years with a down payment of less than 20%? If so, then your mortgage was insured through one of 3 companies. The two most common are Genworth and CMHC and luckily, both of these companies are offering a rebate on your insurance premium if your home has a certain EnerGuide rating or higher. Genworth is offering a 10% rebate on your insurance premium. How much is that? Well if you bought yourself a $350,000 home in Saskatoon and put 5% down, then your premium was a hair over $10,000, which was added to your mortgage amount. A 10% rebate would give you a $1000 cheque! That's right! It does not get applied to your mortgage, it is a rebate given directly back to the buyer!! Have a look at the following links to see how easy it is to apply. It's definitely worth your time!

Genworth Rebate program

CMHC Rebate program

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