CENTURY 21 Fusion -- We're Proud of You (January 2013)

Every month at CENTURY 21 Fusion, we celebrate and recognize the various attributes of our agents and staff. This month we are pleased to announce that Richard Germain has been selected as our We're Proud of You Award winner.

I strongly believe that Richard Germain should be the first recipient of the award within our company. He has taught us so much about technology and the route to becoming a paperless agent. I know many of us who have taken full advantage of his sessions as he volunteered his time to teach us the process from the bottom up. He has given us so many tips and tricks and apps to use in our business plan. I am now a paperless agent and I have to say that my life is so much better and easier due to the help he has given me... I know that not all of us have experienced his expertise and genius but the ones who took advantage of his knowledge feel way better off in their business because of it. He says his reason for teaching us is because if we all use the paperless route it is better for everyone and we appear more professional. Richard Germain has been more than accommodating, answering my questions at all hours. In my opinion, he is a fantastic CENTURY 21 Fusion agent, representative of our company and an exceptional team player!" (nominated by Lisa Mueller)

Richard, CENTURY 21 Fusion is proud of you!

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