CENTURY 21 Fusion -- We're Proud of You (July 2014)

Every month at CENTURY 21 Fusion, we celebrate and recognize the various attributes of our agents and staff. This month we are pleased to announce that Eldeen Borys has been selected as our We're Proud of You Award winner.

"I think Eldeen deserves the “you’re special” award because she is special! Eldeen always has time to help me with my endless computer and technical problems! Even when she doesn’t have time or the door is closed, she will open the door and make time. She never makes you feel like an idiot because you didn’t know how to force quit your Macbook that you just bought and think is broken and would just to just throw it on the ground and jump on it! Instead she will fix it for you and with a smile! If she can’t fix it, she’ll Google it. Yah, I could Google it myself, but it’s like getting a band-aid when you’re not really hurt! It just makes you feel better.

Eldeen is such a perfectionist -- she will never ever slap together a piece of marketing for us and call it “good enough”. It has to be perfect! This helps us look smarter, bolder, faster and hotter! In case you are wondering, she likes medium double doubles!"

Eldeen, CENTURY 21 Fusion is proud of you!

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