CENTURY 21 Fusion -- We're Proud of You (March 2016)

At CENTURY 21 Fusion, we celebrate and recognize the various attributes of our agents and staff. This month we are pleased to announce that Carol Derbowka has been selected as our We're Proud of You Award winner.

Lisa Mueller, Broker/Manager, to C21 Fusion Agents: “On a daily basis, I am always proud to be part of CENTURY 21 Fusion. I am also proud of how hard our staff works for all of our agents. Carol is a leader when it comes to our brokerage. We have to ask her to TAKE her holidays every year! Rarely does Carol ever take a sick day and is early to work on a daily basis. At Fusion, we are always trying to figure out ways to provide the best service to all of you and your clients so that you have smooth transactions. Carol has been such a trooper as she has switched job duties numerous times in order to accommodate staff changes and streamlining of systems. She is flexible, extremely organized, a leader, an example, and a pillar for CENTURY 21 Fusion as she has been with us for 16 years!

Carol, CENTURY 21 Fusion, is proud of you.”

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