CENTURY 21 Fusion -- We're Proud of You (October 2016)

At CENTURY 21 Fusion, we celebrate and recognize the various attributes of our agents and staff. This month we are pleased to announce that Doug Bell has been selected as our We're Proud of You Award winner.

“Doug and Judy have been hosting a staff appreciation BBQ for as long as we can remember (15+ years?). They are the kind of hosts that make your evening relaxed and enjoyable – they truly make us all feel extremely welcome! Doug is always quick to ensure you have a full drink, and the food is absolutely amazing. The night is always filled with non-stop laughter! And the conversation…well let’s just say, what happens at the Bells stays at the Bells! The staff truly appreciate the hard work that goes into this annual event! And to top it all off, Doug always greets all of us with a warm “good morning” whenever he arrives at the office – he is truly a pleasure to be around!

Doug, the staff and CENTURY 21 Fusion are so proud of you and thank you!!! (Arlyn, Audrey, Carol, Christine, Eldeen, Leigha, Rowena)

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