Preparing Your Home to Make a Lasting Impression

Many potential home sellers often ask us why some homes sell quicker than others. There are many reasons that impact how quickly a home sells—price, condition, time of year, personal motivation and location. Often though, it deals specifically with what type of i­mpression your home has left with a prospective buyer. Because we are heading into the spring market and the time of year that most potential sellers consider as the time to sell, we are going to share some helpful hints that will set your home apart from others.

  1. Determine when you want to actually have your home ready for the market prior to the time you would like to have that “For Sale” sign installed. This is important. Preparing your home can take time, and delays can impact the number of homes you may be competing against.
  2. Have a professional REALTOR® come into your home and give you some advice on what upgrades may be required and should be done to give you good return per dollar invested. This will assist with modernizing your home and allow you to set a realistic asking price.
  3. Make your home shine from the outside in—spring-clean the exterior. Maximizing street appeal is important to the initial first impression.
    1. Wash your windows.
    2. Dispose of any pet excrement that may have been missed over the winter.
    3. Power rake and thoroughly water your lawn.
    4. Sweep and rinse away any winter salt and gravel from driveway and garage.
    5. Take down Christmas lights.
    6. Rake out any old debris from flowerbeds, turn the beds over and plant some colourful flowers.
    7. Ensure your eaves and down spouts are clean and in good repair.
  4. Once you have the outside shining, move inside.
    1. De-clutter your home and remove excess personal photographs and items of value.
    2. Oil & grease door hinges and locks to ensure REALTORS® have “fight-free” access when showing.
    3. Make the bathrooms and kitchen sparkle: wash grimy kitchen cabinets and shine up bathroom fixtures and mirrors.
    4. Fix leaky faucets, replace burnt out or low-light bulbs with regular light bulbs for maximum luminance.  
    5. Empty out full closets and storage spaces.
    6. Make sure furniture placement allows for an open, bright feel and easy flow between rooms.
    7. Wash the windows, blinds and light fixtures.
    8. Pet lovers, put pet food in airtight containers, empty litter boxes daily and ensure pet blankets, baskets and kennels are cleaned regularly.
  5. List your home with a REALTOR® on MLS®. They are trained to deal with buyer objections and provide advice to buyers. Remember, the first impression of your home is often the lasting impression and if a buyer’s agent is impressed, their clients will be, resulting in a quicker sale and a higher price for your home.

For more information on what your home might need or for a professional market evaluation, please call Jacqueline and Derrick Chilliak at 306-222-7211/306-230-6919 or email us at We have over 40 years of experience and would be happy to help.

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