Preparing your home for sale...Put your best house forward!

Selling your home is not as easy as simply putting a sign up on the lawn and waiting for the phone to ring. You need to entice buyers to your home, and make sure your home makes the best first impression. It starts with the curb appeal. If you home is messy looking or in need of repair on the outside, many buyers may opt to skip the interior tour altogether.

Curb Appeal

  • •     In the summer, make sure your lawn is well manicured and watered, and any fallen leaves are raked up. Weed and mulch your flower beds, and add a planter with brightly coloured flowers.
  •       Clean all the dust and dirt off the front door, add a welcome mat, and make sure the doorbell works!
  •       In the winter, SHOVEL!! There is nothing worse than having to walk up to a front door trudging through last night's snowfall. Also de-ice your walk, you don’t want to have to deal with the liability if someone slips and hurts themselves on your property.

Once Inside

Make sure that a mess is not the first thing a buyer sees when they get into your house. Clutter and dirt are the quickest turn-offs for buyers.

  • Start your packing early: pack up unnecessary items and box them up. Rent a storage unit to keep things in until you’re ready to move. It'll make the house look more spacious, and it'll mean less packing to do once you sell!
  • Remove items that are highly personal: trophies, collectibles, religious items, family heirlooms. You want the buyer to be able to imagine themselves in the space – items that are very personal can distract them from being able to do that.
  • Clean. And then clean again. And keep it clean throughout your time on the market. Your house can never be too clean for a buyer! That includes simple fix-its like burned-out light bulbs, creaky doors and cabinets, cracks or holes in walls, stains in carpet. Consider re-caulking tiled areas, tubs and sinks, and replacing old doorknobs and cabinet handles.
  • Simple decorative touches can make a world of difference. Make sure your home has lots of light: keep curtains light and airy and open and add lamps in dark corners of rooms. Place a fresh vase of flowers on the dining table or in the entryway; add one or two nice healthy green plants in the main rooms; use new hand towels and decorative baskets in the bathroom.

Not to be overlooked…

Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the impact of price on the salability of your home. Even if it shows 100% perfectly, the wrong pricing can grind the sale of your home to a halt before it even begins. The market value of your home is NOT:

  • What you need out of it.
  • What it is appraised for.
  • What you heard your neighbour’s house sold for.
  • What it is insured for.
  • Based on memories and treasures.
  • Based on prices of homes where you are moving.

The true market value of your home IS:

  • Based on today’s market and competition.
  • Based on today’s financing conditions.
  • What an informed, qualified buyer is willing to pay TODAY.
  • Based on the buyer’s perception of the home’s condition.

You cannot control market conditions, the motivation of your competition, or the value of your home. What you can control is the asking price, the condition of the property, and access to the property. REALTORS® are trained and knowledgeable about the local market and can provide you with the best market value for your home to get the quickest sale for the best price. Sellers who ignore the advice of their agent often end up waiting months, or even over a year, to sell their home – and often for a significantly reduced price. Do not make this #1 mistake! Call Barry, Sandy or Spencer today, and get the Chilliak Team working for you!

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