Real Estate & The Infamous Toilet Picture

How NOT to Sell a Property Online

If you’re in the housing market, looking to buy a Saskatoon property, chances are you’re seeing a lot of online real estate. Some of the homes on the web look so amazing you’d buy them and move in today.  However, a few of the listings…not so much. These ‘listings-gone-wrong’ are filled with strange photos of horrible looking places you wouldn’t send your worst enemy to live in. You see, some sellers have never heard the concept of ‘staging,’ which basically means, making the house look nice so buyers can imagine living there. You have to stage the property, and take high-resolution photos of it to putting your best foot forward. For fun and information we bring you: the Top 5 ways to NOT sell a property!

  1. First of all, curb appeal is key.  You should never have an unkempt front entrance with wild dogs roaming free in the front yard. Cut the lawn; it should not look like visitors have to travel through the wild grasses of Africa to get to the door.  And lastly, probably most importantly, take down all that police ‘caution’ tape before you take the photos.
  2. Clutter is the enemy.  You’ve seen the photos.  Old stained mattresses.  Rooms so filled with boxes and junk that you can’t tell if you’ll be sharing the place with a family of raccoons.  And living rooms so cluttered with shiny knick knacks and colourful quilts that you wonder if Liberace’s grandmother once lived there.
  3. Speaking of photos, try and use a camera that was built after 1984.  Some of these photos are so low-resolution and blurry that you find yourself calling the optometrist to see if you need to update the prescription in your glasses.  Or they’re so poorly lit that you’re not sure if you’re looking at your new living room or The Batcave.
  4. Location, location, location.  Sure, the condo is in a lovely neighbourhood, but the map location pin shows that the property is in Shanghai.  You want a nice Saskatoon condo for sale, not an abode in China.  We aren’t all computer experts, but those people exist, so ask them for help.
  5. Last but not least...the infamous toilet shot. Of course you would like to see the bathrooms but please, do we really need to see a close up of the toliet lid up ready to flush? Unless its lined in gold & cleans itself its really not neccesary.

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