Spring IS coming.. I promise..

Although the forecast has everyone crawling back into hibernation mode, the weather WILL warm up relatively soon.  My prediction this year is that it's going to be incredibly cold, then we will have a drastic upswing in temperatures and things are going to melt FAST.  As a proactive homeowner, it's a great idea to think about what this means to your property; tons of water and no place for it to go.  Water will always flow to the lowest point it can.  If that lowest point happens to be your basement through a crack that you are unaware of, you will not be a happy camper!  Instead of finding out the hard way, my advice is to get out there in the next few weeks and shovel all the snow at least 6 feet from your foundation.  If you have a particularly low spot, you may want to go even further!  If you have a friend with a nice big snowblower, this will make quick work of the situation.  

Window Wells

If you do notice water pooling close to your foundation, take note of this and think about bringing in some fill soil to bring the grade up and away from your foundation.  In the home I purchased in 2013, I had a very low spot on the north side of the building that has three windows in it.  The window openings were all at ground level and the land sloped towards the house.  Not good.  I picked up three window wells, some gravel, and my shovel and went to work!  It took about 2 hours and a lot of sweat to dig out the window well holes.  Installed the window wells, filled with gravel, then brought in some fill to create the proper grade away from the home.  No issues since and I feel much greater peace of mind!  

If you'd like to know exaclty how I did my window wells or some advice on how to do your own, feel free to ask!

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