Stress-Free Moving!

Making your move "stress-free"...

Moving has to be one of the most stressful experiences people will go through – and we’ll probably all do it more than once by choice! Whether you’re moving a couple of houses down the street, or clear across the country, here are some tips that will help ease the stress of moving:

  1. Make a list. Label every box you pack with a number, and use a notepad or ipad to write a list of what each numbered box contains. Keep a detailed inventory of everything you pack – especially if you’re using a moving company.
  2. You will need LOTS of boxes. When you think you have enough, have 10 more set aside for moving day – there are always last minute things you forgot about. Also don’t skimp on supplies; you don’t want to run out of tape or packing newspaper. There are a couple of great new companies in Saskatoon offering reusable plastic packing boxes – they even have wardrobe boxes!
  3. Wardrobe boxes are your best friend. There is nothing more annoying than having to take all your clothes off their hangers and then find a place to pack both the clothes and the hangers! You can also use these handy boxes for lightweight but bulky things like comforters and pillows.
  4. Pack Ahead! If you’re moving in the summer, pack all your winter stuff up early. Use the last few days before the move to finish up all the frozen goodies you have in your freezer and pack up the bulk of your kitchen.
  5. Clean areas of the house that you can ahead of time (inside of cabinets, the oven, windows etc.), and follow movers out of each room with the vacuum. Put together a basic cleaning supply kit to leave behind once you’ve gotten all your stuff out so you can come back to clean.
  6. 6.    Use your luggage! If it’s good enough to carry your clothes to Hawaii, then it’s good enough to transport your favourite sweaters to your new house.
  7. 7.    Keep your valuables with you if at all possible. Keep a suitcase with your silver collection or other important valuables with you if you can. If you have a long move or no room in your car, then bury the items in a box titled “Misc. from kitchen pantry”. Check your homeowner’s insurance before the move to see how you are covered during a move.
  8. 8.    Important papers – always keep them with you! Birth certificates, bank records, current bills and closing papers have no business being with the mover.
  9. Prepare a moving day “kit”: things that you frequently need right away but never seem to have at the new place – light bulbs, toilet paper, hand soap, band aids, pen and paper, garbage bags etc.
  10. Don’t pack anything in plastic garbage bags! With the confusion that inevitably happens on moving day, you’re bound to throw something away that isn’t meant to be garbage.
  11. Pets. Animal care during a move is a whole other issue. If you can find a pet sitter for the day, do it. If you’re on a more long-distance move, make sure to arrange safe transport of your pet if they won’t be with you.

And finally, realise that even the best laid plans can sometimes have hiccups. What’s important is that all your stuff arrives safely, and on time. The rest is really not worth getting stressed over.

Happy moving!


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