The Christmas Shopping Guide In Saskatoon

As the snow is officially here, and most stores are breaking out the Christmas decorations and holiday music, the shopping season has officially started. If your fall has been anything like everyone else in this city that I have talked to – it has been BUSY! and gift ideas have probably not been the first thing on your mind.

So, here are some great gift ideas, as well as some great stores in Saskatoon where you can find them. Happy Shopping!

For The Coffee Lover

For The Foodie

  • Gift certificate to Top Chef Canada Winner, Dale MacKay’s new restaurant, Ayden Kitchen & Bar
  • Pick up some interesting cooking items (or vino for the wino!) at Ingredients Artisan Market. They have everything from spices to cheeses, to a unique selection of wine & beer!

For The Health Nut

  • Intro pack at freedom functional fitness. There’s monkey bars, sledgehammers & tires – what’s not to love!
  • Bag of locally produced CHOO-IT.  A healthy hot or cold oatmeal produced right here in Saskatoon!

For The Home-body
Check out one of these two new furniture stores which just opened up on 20th Street! You are sure to find some great pieces or knick-knacks for that interior design lover:

For The Environmentalist
Make your way up to The Better Good on Broadway. You are safe to purchase anything for the tree-lover on your list – the entire store is stocked with items that have the environment in mind!

For The Person-who-has-everything OR The Person-who-is-impossible-to-buy-for
Anything in Lifestyles by Darrell Bell Gallery. Almost a guarantee that they will not have even heard or seen of 90% of the items that are in the store (unless they’ve visited the store before!)

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