Who's Going to Move Me?!


Moving can be an exciting time, but it can also be stressful and confusing. So, good planning is essential in order to experience a smooth relocation. One of the most important relocation tasks that you’re going to have is finding a reputable moving company. Working with an experienced mover can help ease the stress involved with the whole process. Use our tips to help make your moving experience as good as possible:

Finding a reputable moving company

  • Start your search for movers at least a month before you move. Try to talk to at least five moving companies. Make sure to select a moving company that is insured and has a Workers' Compensation Board certificate, otherwise you may end up paying if an employee gets any injuries during the relocation.
  • Next, after you confirm that the potential movers have the needed insurance, you can ask for quotes. When comparing prices, be extremely cautious if there is a significantly lower quote. It’s a common practice for unscrupulous movers to give low-ball estimates to customers, but once the service is booked, you’ll be charged far above and beyond the quoted amount of money to get back your belongings.
  • Another red flag is a company that only gives estimates by phone or e-mail. A professional mover will send a representative to fully inspect your home. When a company representative comes to your place, tell them if you need to move bulky or fragile items because they will need special handling. Items sensitive to the environment will need climate-controlled vans. Plants and pets will also need special arrangements, and you cannot transport perishables or hazardous materials, so get rid of all cleaning products, nail polish removers and food.
  • Along with the price, take into consideration years of experience, affiliation with recognized associations and BBB rating. Reading about previous customers’ experience will help you get to know the company ethics. The more information you gather the better choice you can make.
  • If a company asks you to make a large deposit long in advance, know that this is just one of those “switch and bait” strategies that shady companies employ.

Other tips…

  • To save some money on your upcoming relocation, consider packing some of the items on your own. Refer to our previous blog on how to do this.
  • Be sure you have sufficient protection either through your own insurance policy or through the moving company's Replacement Value Protection.
  • Any good moving company will offer an arbitration program. Acquaint yourself with the claim process and the deadlines for filing a claim. Before booking your movers, make sure they will be willing to cooperate in case of any issues.
  • Make an inventory of your items and be present on the moving day. Read the bill of lading carefully and ask the company representative to explain you clauses that you are not sure you can fully understand. Never sign blank pages.
  • On delivery day, inspect all of your items to confirm there aren’t any broken or damaged items.



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