Hooray for Summer!

I hope you are all enjoying our amazing Saskatchewan summer and are taking time to spend with family and friends when you can. In Saskatoon, we sure like to cram alot of activity into a couple months. In between festivities, we all like to enjoy some time in the yard. Here are some tips for doing just that - whether it is for you or for selling features! Enjoy...

4 Expert tips that add value to your yard

Whether you spend the summer entertaining outdoors or are thinking about adding value to your home, here are four tips from celebrity outdoor designer Carson Arthur to grow your green space.

Give yourself some privacy

Instead of trying to plant big trees along the property line, achieve more privacy with something smaller by creating separation where you actually need it. Add privacy with a decorative lattice or tri-fold screen on the edge of the patio.

Revolutionize your small space

Don't underestimate the benefits of a small yard! With living walls and ways to grow vertical gardens, you can have a green space without giving up any square footage. A well-designed yard can maximize every inch!

Spotlight your home's best features

Make an impact with guests and potential home buyers by adding outdoor lighting. Set your house apart with decorative lights, accentuating the positive aspects of your property.

Treasure the shade

One of the most relaxing and saleable features of your home can be a big shade tree.  Shade is also a great way to escape the heat outdoors, and save on air conditioning costs indoors where trees shield the house from the sun.

Enjoy the rest your summer everyone!

Hope to catch up with you soon...

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