Approx 20 yrs in the Real Estate Industry and this never crossed my mind before...

Have you ever walked around those homes with the soaring ceilings, commenting on how spacious they make the home feel, how open and how large it makes the rooms seem?

Consider this next time..

My home has those very tall ceilings, on both levels. Today I get into the shower and after a minute glance up and there is a spider on the ceiling of the shower! Like most sane people I of course have to dive out of the shower to get away from it. I tried to knock it down with the water, it didn't work, not even after turning the water on full hot and trying, but no luck. In the end after what I am sure you can imagine was a lot of ridiculousness I ended up getting a ladder and standing it in the shower stall to kill the spider (yes I killed it, I'm not one to capture and set it free). I am happy to say that I was later able to have my spider free, yet still creepy feeling shower.

So next time your touring a home, look at the shower, just how high is that ceiling?

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