CENTURY21 2012 Kick Off Expo

Yesterday I attended the Century21 2012 Kick Off. It is an expo & award ceremony. This was my first time going and I'm glad I went. There was lots of cool century 21 stuff. They had everything from jewelry to new yard sign designs to free giveaways such as ipads and blackberries. I especially loved the guest speaker, Shannon King. She had lots of great ideas and a list of cool free apps for our phones, of which I downloaded all. The 2012 Kick Off was nation wide, though Century21 operates in over 70 countries through out the world. 


Here are some pictures from the Toronto event.  



This last picture is a snap shot of Century21's new online game at www.propertymogul.ca. It's now live and anyone can play; link to facebook and play against your friends. 

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