Changing the Face of Real Estate

Change is good for any industry. The influx of new ideas, expanding horizons, and demands for better service propel our economy forward. The next major shift in the real estate world is already here: the personalization of services. Instead of following in the wake of change, CENTURY 21 Future has decided to lead the way in Milton by tailoring its services to the individual wants of its clients.

Traditionally, brokerages offered only "cradle-to-grave" service, meaning that every aspect of selling the home was taken care of by a professional. For most people, this is still the best option, as it is important to be properly represented and guided by a professional who knows the market and business. That being said, everyone is different and requires a customized level of service.

A good example to illustrate is that of a car garage. If your car breaks down, you may head straight for the dealership, as they know your car best. Some might go to a discount garage to save a little money, while others with a little know-how and free time might do it themselves at home. Real estate is no different. Though the "dealership option" is arguably the most complete service, there is still a large portion of the population that would prefer to use the second and third options for a variety of reasons. (I would never attempt to repair my make-believe Ferrari on my own, but everyone is different!)

There has been an emergence of discount do-it-yourself services that claim to help sell your home on your own. As someone who converts many do-it-yourself sellers that fail, I see a trend of over-promising and under-delivering in regards to support throughout the selling process. Let’s face it, the real estate market is constantly changing, and it takes someone who is dedicated to full-time work in the industry to understand and decipher trends and the best courses of action. The empty promises ring true when the public is told it is as easy as selling an old fridge on Craigslist. When asked very basic questions regarding co-operation with agents, the majority admit they have never been briefed and do not know what to say. This is, in reality, a gross disservice to potential sellers, as it gives false expectations and does not prepare them in any way for the competitive real estate market.

It is interesting to note that there has always been a history of discount services. Every generation has had them, and they always appear during strong real estate markets where houses "sell themselves." When markets return to normal, and selling a home takes skill and a lot of work, it is amazing how quickly they disappear.

When a discount company promotes the greatness of receiving twenty-five feature sheets, and calls it great value, this system becomes truly lamentable. As with all services, you get what you pay for. Why throw your money away with a discount service that gives you second-rate service, knowing the odds are stacked against you successfully selling on your own. There is a reason why everyone is not a doctor. For serious matters, like selling or buying a home, a professional is always best. A good example would be a broken leg. There is no chance that I would visit a part-time first-aid person, when a doctor is needed to set the leg properly.

But, when a doctor just isn’t in the cards, CENTURY 21 provides you with the choices that cater to your needs. CENTURY 21 is known worldwide and carries a power behind its name that is hard to surpass. Why dabble with second-rate service and questionable experience when The Local Experts™ at CENTURY 21 can ensure quality service and exceptional results. CENTURY 21 encourages you to know your options. Call the office today to learn more: 905.875.2100.


| Seth Ferguson is a Sales Representative with CENTURY 21 Future Realty Inc., in Milton, Ontario.  He serves Halton Region, including Milton, Georgetown, Oakville, Burlington and Acton.  Looking to buy or sell? |

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