Considering a New Town?

Sometimes the idea of moving to a new town seems like a great idea... and I'm not saying its not. There are just things you need to take into consideration when you do so.

Maybe your moving closer to work, or farther. Near friends, into town or into the country. You have to realize that it does become a life style change for you. The drive of course to work may be longer or shorter depending., meaning more time away or at home. Does you favorite restaurant deliver to you new home? Is there any delivery to your new home? Are you the type that waits till your out of milk to run to the store? Be honest.. if so maybe you need to make sure there is a corner store not too far. Do you work 6 days a week? Maybe then a huge expansive of beautiful lawn isn’t the best idea, your only day off will be taken up by cutting it. Where you are now you know where everything is and your in a routine of sorts, these things can change in a move.

Sometimes there are just some little extras to think of when thinking of, again, Im not saying dont move, just make sure you think it thru.

Oh, and a good realtor, should discuss this with you.

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