Fundraising for local Milton Mom

Kimm Fletcher is a 41 yr old Mom from right here in Milton. She has been battling Brain Cancer since 2010. The Cancer has now reached stage 4 level and her doctors have given her two months to live.

There is a drug “Avastin” which could extend her life by approximately 1 year. However that drug is not covered by O.H.I.P. here in Ontario.( It is covered by provincial health plans in other Canadian provinces including British Columbia, Saskatchewan, & Manitoba.) Six months of treatment with this drug costs $48,000.

While I have to say that I give Kim a lot of credit for doing everything right, from speaking openly about this to the media to taking it to government representatives and making them talk about it. She is not only fighting for more time, but for more time for all others facing this disease. In one article she admits this may not help her, and it may be too late for her, but maybe she can help someone else with their battle… I have to say this is a truly courageous woman.

Thru fundraising efforts she has managed to raise enough for one treatment which should hopefully extend her life by 6 months. More fundraising is underway to raise more funds for more treatments. From my understanding I have been told that drug maker Roche has offered to pay 20% of the cost of the treatment.

Let me point out now that Kimm is the mom to two children ages 7 and 9 and while this drug will not cure her, it gives her time.

What is the cost of time?

Think about what you would pay for 1 more day with your children, your wife, your husband… then take even 1% of that number you just thought of and donate to :



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