Happy Kids, Happy Parents - Keeping Your Home Beautiful By Managing The Toy Overload

Keeping a home beautiful and organized is at the forefront of most of our minds.  In an era where access to the top design ideas, tips from experts, and home decor products and organizers to fit all budgets is on every corner and at our fingertips, achieving this goal is now easier than ever.  In fact, you can change the decor of your home every season. I, like most home owners, am no stranger to the bouts of creative energy that all of a sudden change the whole look of my home and leave my closets and cupboards neat and, dare I say, all labeled for a bright future of organized living. 

There is, however, one area that, try as I may, returns to its state of not-so-organized chaos pretty much the minute it gets organized.  For all you parents out there - yes, you guessed right, I always, ALWAYS lose my battle with the playroom.  As we all know, keeping kids entertained for a longer period of time, especially with the same toy, is challenging at the best of times.  Thus the constant parade of new toys into the playroom, old toys into the basement - some of which make their way back to the playroom, while others lay there forgotten forever.  But there is never a short supply of new toys, adding to the constantly growing mountain in the basement and playroom.

There has to be a better way, I thought.  Imagine this - a constant supply of new toys for your children, for the 2 weeks or so that new toys manage to hold their interest, but never the growing mountain of forgotten toys in your basement! And I found it. A fantastic service provided by a locally owned Milton business, ToysTrunk, made my home organizing days so much more productive.  Here's how it works: you browse their large selection of toys online; once you have chosen the toy that will make your little ones giggle with delight, place your order online, choose the day on which you would like to receive it.  The toys get delivered right to your door, sparkling clean and looking like new.  After the 2, or however many, weeks you have rented it for, the toys get picked up from your house.  Voila!  A constant rotation of new toys, at a fraction of the cost, delivered right to your door.  I, your local real estate expert, have found a new way to keep my kids happy and my home organized.  I guarantee that you will, too.

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