Information for Buyers

The perfect home for you may slip away because of these few simple problems buyers encounter.

 Looking past the decorating, repairs or ugly furniture.

Lots of things in a home can be changed, some more easily than others. The horrible paint job, ugly carpet, that “fixer-upper” home, any of these things can lead your eye away from what is important, the house. Does it have the room you need, the size? What about the layout? Buyers need to keep an open mind when viewing homes, rarely will everything they see immediately appeal to them, and sometimes a gem is hidden under little repairs and pink paint.

 Ignoring your Must Have’s list

Lots of buyers get caught up looking at the pretty pictures of the online listings. Then they want to go see these houses in person, even though it’s only a three bedroom, when you clearly need a four bedroom home. The kids are older and you need a separate family or rec room., and this home only has one room for entertaining/recreation. Buyers fall for a dream and forget what it important. A good realtor will have you make your list of wants and needs, they will discuss those wants with you to find out what is important and once you know these things stick with homes that only meet those criteria. When you start compromising on these things you will be unhappy down the line, sometimes sooner than you think.

 Don’t think about now – consider later.

Live every day like it’s your last. Seize the day…. The sayings go on. But this is not an area that you can apply those sayings to. You have to think long term when buying a home. Sure the home may be pretty and the yard may be small and the kids can share a room for awhile. But it isn’t always so easy to up and move in a mere two years when the kids are fighting and need their space and the dog has outgrown the yard. You have to think at the very least about what will suit your needs as you see them for at least five years down the line.



Not using a Realtor

Buyers feel that this is something they can do for themselves, find a new home. You can flip thru the paper and click around the Web looking for open houses and listings. A sales representative can help identify the best-suited properties much faster. An expert often knows about other listings that are about to come on the market and would not be in the paper or on the Web yet. We are removed from the feeling attached to these searches and can concentrate on what is important to you. If you fall into the pitfall of trying to do everything on your own, you're likely going to miss seeing some of the houses that might offer the best match for your wants and needs. Lastly weeding thru what can sometimes be many new listings can be time consuming and overwhelming and many buyers when taking it on themselves simply get tired and frustrated and end up buying something not so suitable just to get it over with.


Buying a home is huge commitment and financial endeavour, do it wisely.



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