Market Update - Attention Milton Townhouse Owners

For some reason, there seems to be a lot of townhouse buyers in the Milton Real Estate market right now. We are seeing town home prices increase, and homes that sold last month are now getting approx. $10,000 more this month! The increase in price is due to supply and demand. Town homes are getting multiple offers which helps to drive up the price (an ideal situation for any townhouse owner). So, if you own a townhouse in Milton and have been on the fence about moving up, now is the time. If you bought a few years ago or are even the original owner, we should talk. You will have equity built up in your home that will help you move into something bigger.

Anyway, I just wanted to share :) You can always reach me by phone, email or text, if you have any questions or are even the slightest bit curious about what your home may be worth and is now the right time to make that move you've been thinking about.

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