Not sure if it is time to move or not? Here are some sure signs that it is.


Is it time to move? Not sure?                                                                 

Does the thought of changing your neighbourhood or your home go through your mind more often than not?

Here are some key signs that maybe it really is time to move.

Outgrowing your neighbourhood: This über-trendy neighbourhood seemed so fun just five years ago. But now you’re becoming annoyed by the loud music spilling out of bars or your super fun and always partying neighbour's stereo. You long to go for a stroll without weaving in and out of groups of people and shops that no longer hold any appeal for you. Time to face facts you’re growing up, but your neighbourhood isn’t. Instead of wasting time judging your neighbours, consider a quieter or more sophisticated locale.

Your neighbourhood isn’t what it used to be: Crime is on the rise, you’re getting uneasy about that walk to the corner store at night and you find yourself worried about the kids walking to and from school. The situation isn’t going to improve, sell your property before the quality of the neighbourhood starts to show in your properties value.

Starting a family: Selling a home or packing and moving is difficult enough, but trying doing it while pregnant or around a toddlers schedule is even worse. Priorities change when having a child you tend to want parks and trails nearby for walks and play, quiet neighbourhoods become a priority so it’s time to think about a move when planning to start a family.

Your family has grown: The kids are no longer happy sharing a bedroom and there is no room in the yard for that swing set they keep asking for. Do you dream of BBQ’s with friends while the kids play? Is space becoming an issue? Sounds like it is time to consider a move to a home that can grow with you.

New job: Did your new job come with a big new commute? You may still love your home but that extra travel time to and from work is killing you. Stress from your daily commute can take years off your life, so congratulate yourself for that climb up the corporate ladder and move closer to work.

When home renovation is not enough: Constantly working on a home improvement projects but never satisfied? Maybe you’re a reno junkie or maybe it’s a sign that your home just isn’t doing it for you anymore.

The house is just too big for you now: The kids have moved out, and a big house is no longer necessary. With all the fond memories it can be difficult to let go of the family home. But moving to a smaller home will make it easier as you grow older, and will also free up some money to make those retirement travel or cottage dreams come true.

You can’t stop scanning the classifieds: picking up magazines or surfing the net. You dream of selling but you just don’t think you are in a position to do so. It’s time to speak with a professional and determine where you stand. It's probably time to make your dream home a priority.

Home prices in your area are soaring: While chatting with the neighbors you discover that the home on the corner sold for a lot more than you thought possible. Now you’re curious. Do some research - a home is an investment, and if you can reap some financial rewards, go for it.


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