Preparing your Home for Sale

Some simple, helpful tips for getting your home ready to sell,


Make sure your house smells OK…..A house that smells right sells easier. It should smell like an average clean home. If it smells like it just had a super industrial cleaning or like your covering up rotting garbage, it turns potential buyers off. This is an interesting balance and something you have to get just right. You don't want to freak out buyers, nor gross them out. Even animal lovers dislike the smell of cat urine or dog bed and any hint of that could put your home on the no list. Other common but worrisome smells are musty basement and rotting garbage whether its coming from the kitchen or the garage. That said you don't want to go crazy with industrial cleaners to the point that your house smells like a hospital. If there is an overpowering smell of bleach throughout the home, buyers start to wonder what your hiding.


Wash the windows…more light is best if you want to sell your house. That means windows that sparkle. Plus most buyers check the windows for their age and to look for signs of leaks, so make sure the sills and tracks are dirt free.

Buy a new bedspread…. bedspreads that are clean, bright, crisp and neat brighten the room and are instantly appealing, thereby making the room seem appealing also.

Change light bulbs… Light sells, dark and dim doesn't, so clean light bulbs and light fixtures and change any burnt out bulbs. Changing the wattage can also do wonders for a room, sure a 40 watt is economical, but a 100watt adds a lot more light to the room.


Water those plants….. Most buyers will see photos of your house online and drive past it for a quick look before an official visit. If your lawn looks like a wheat field with a couple of dead and dying planters scattered about, a buyer might keep on driving.


Place a piece of furniture in the front entryway…Putting a chair or table in a front entryway, where you take off your boots and shoes and drop your keys adds a welcoming touch and enhances a homey feel, which is a welcome feeling to buyers looking for a new home.


Clean up, but don't overdo it….It’s time to pick up the stuff scattered around your home, the newspaper on the table, your coffee cup on the counter, your slippers under your favourite chair, but don't remove signs of family life. There is no point in going for that Better Homes & Gardens look, no prospective buyer will be fooled by a child's room that's all but stripped bare except for a single doll or teddy bear atop a perfectly made bed. You don't have to hide the toys, instead, buy baskets or containers to hold all those cars and dolls. The house will look real to buyers, as opposed to a house that is so perfectly sterile that any normal person will be stressed out just to think of living like they are in a department store showroom.

 Declutter, not depersonalize…. Sure 50 family photos on top of the piano clutters the room. Pick out a few of your favourites and pack the rest away, after all your moving and need to pack anyway. The few you leave out not only remind people that this is someones home but that it could be their new home. Also happy pictures invoke happy feelings that make the potential buyer imagine they could be happy there too.


Half all closets and cupboards… A practically empty closet makes people think you have packed your things away, an overfull one makes people imagine that you must not have enough closet space for all your things, therefore they wont have enough either. But one that is just the right amount of full makes buyers think, hey they have a lot in here and there is still room, I think our things will fit just fine as well.




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