Target Opens in Milton Today

Today was the soft opening of U.S. retail giant Target in Canada. They opened in 3 cities, Guelph, Fergus and our very own Milton Ontario. I wanted to go and check it out as it was the first day and I thought that there may be some good deals to be had and I wanted to see how the store compared to the U.S stores. Apparently, so did the rest of Milton! I was forewarned not to go but curosity got the best of me!

I was at the Century 21 Kickoff this morning so I could not make it at that time but decided that I would try for this afternoon. Well, I got there for around 3:30pm and it was a mad house! I am pretty sure half of Milton was there. After circling the perimeter looking for parking, I eventually ended up parking by the Sports Check in the Milton Mall. I did hear after that people were parked down Nippising.

I ran into a friend of mine in the mall who remarked that she had never seen the Milton Mall that busy in the 12 years that she has lived in this town; not even at Christmas!

When we finally did get into the store, I had a moment of silence for Zellers… and then quickly familiarized myself with the store. I was impressed with how clean and bright the store was. The layout is very familiar and feels like any other Target that I have ever been in, aside from the insane amount of people. I did a quick once through the store and looked at a few things. I like Target for the décor section. I think that they have a lot of stylish, affordable items for decorating and home staging. I also like their kids clothing and they had quite a decent selection of cute kids clothes for Spring. I did not get to roll up my sleeves and search through the racks on today’s visit as it was quite busy and I wanted to be on my way. I pretty much stuck to the main store arteries this time but Target is here to stay and I am sure I will get in there another day.

I checked a few prices on staples like TP and Laundry Detergent and the prices did seem a bit high to me. I was speaking with a few people who said that Target would not roll out their low, competitive prices until their Grand Opening, which I think is in April.

I also found that the interior aisles were quite close together. You can squeak by beside another cart but it is a little too close for my liking.

My overall impression though, was good. I am sure that I will end up shopping at Target at some point. I think it is good for the Milton Mall too. I did not but anything at Target but did pick something up at Bentley. I would imagine that  the other merchants in the mall will benefit from the arrival of Target.

Did any of you make it out to Target today? What were your first impressions?



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