Tips for selling your Home in The Winter Months

Just because Winter is upon us does not mean that you should not put your home on the market or that your home wont show well while viewings are taking place. There are always some handy tips to maximise your home's viewing potential . If your home is on the market during the Winter months and agents are booking showings to view your home than it can only mean that their buyers are motivated to find a home. So make your home easy and inviting for them to view. The last thing you want is to turn the buyers off your home because of something simple that is in your control. Here are some easy tips to maximise your homes selling potential during the snowy Winter Months.

1) Shovel your driveway and Walkway. Dont make it difficult for buyers to access your home.

2) Don't forget the temperature of your home. Remember the buyers will already be dressed for the exterior temperature so take this into account. You may believe you are doing the right thing by setting the temperature to a higher setting so they are comfortable but at the same time you don't want it too high to the point where they uncomfortable.

3) Keep your rooms bright. The Winter days are shorter and darker. Some buyers may find dark rooms depressing so if possible, leave the lights while showings are taking place .

4) Be Prepared for the wet and snowy shoes and boots. As your Realtor to leave an SHOES OFF sign so you can place it at your front entrance. Leave a shoe tray close to your front door so people viewing your home have somewhere to leave their wet shoes. Another idea if convenient would be to leave a coat rack close to the entrance so they may remove their coats if they wish.

Remember the small things can make a difference. We are experiencing low inventory and high demand from buyers in the Milton Real Estate Market at the moment with a lot of homes selling over asking price. Maximise the viewing potential of your home and the price that you can achieve in today's market. Best of luck!!

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