What's in a name? Trafalgar Township in Milton, ON

Trafalgar - Milton, ON

At first mention, most think of shopping thanks to the recently-opened outlet stores at Trafalgar Road & 401. Cannons, falling spars, and a man named Horatio are likely nowhere to be found in the picture.

Trafalgar Township, now a geographical township in Oakville, ON,  once stretched from Lake Ontario all the way to Steeles Ave, and from Winston Churchill Blvd to Burloak Drive.  The land was purchased from the Mississaugas in 1805 and was surveyed by Samuel Street Wilmot.  

It was only fitting that, in 1806, the new township be named after Sir Horatio Nelson's defeat of the Franco-Spanish fleet off Cape Trafalgar in Spain the previous year.  The first post office was opened in 1820 at Post's Corners, at the junction of Trafalgar Road and Hwy 5.

Milton's Town Hall currently has a meeting room called the "Trafalgar Room," after the township.

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