Why Staging Matters

Why Staging Matters:

Your home is one of the biggest investments you will ever have. In order to get the best return on your investment, you need to Stage. Staging your home means transforming it to appeal to the most number of possible buyers. Staging is not about decorating but rather trying to appeal to the tastes of the most likely group of buyers.

When you are selling your home, you need to start treating it like a product. By staging, you are packaging your property so that potential buyers can envision themselves living in that space. So, is your investment packaged and ready for sale? Would someone walk into your property and say “WOW I want to live there?”

Remember, you are in stiff competition when selling your property. There are a lot of other houses out there for the buyers to see.   To get the edge, you need to STAGE YOUR HOME!

The main reason Home Staging is effective is because most people buy homes based on their emotions. Staging is all about tapping into the buyer’s psychology. A professionally staged home allows buyers to envision themselves there with family and entertaining friends. A professional stager takes into consideration the target market, furniture placement, appropriate accessories and artwork for the space as well as repairs and updates the home may require that will help you get a quicker sale and potential higher asking price.

Staging will help your potential buyers remember your property over the others that are vacant/not staged because buyers can have difficulty visualizing the space and may be questioning whether their belongings/furniture will fit. Having the room staged, helps take the guesswork out. Also, less time your property is on the market means less expenses for you to incur. In addition, in many cases staging has helped sellers get above asking price for their properties.

Benefits of Staging a Property:

  1. Helps build an emotional attachment by creating a warm and inviting place to live
  2. Highlights positive characteristics and focal points addressed in your advertising (fireplaces, finished basements, eat-in kitchens)
  3. Turns a negative into a positive (use small square-footage wisely/properly)
  4. Creates better-looking online pictures
  5. Helps “close” buyers; now they can visualize the space better


So does Staging really work? In our experience, with our customers over the past 12 months, we have an average of 2 weeks on the market AND prices were sold/rented for no less that 98% of asking on average; in some cases, more than asking.

Here are some quick stats to show that Staged homes really do sell and rent faster and for top dollar:

  • Return on Staging / Showcasing Investment is 586% ***
  • Staged Homes Sell 2-3 times faster than Un-Staged Homes*
  • 78% of a buyer’s decision about a house is already made before they actually see it*
  • Vacant houses sell almost 80% faster when they are Staged with furniture**
  • 78% of people say that home presentation makes a difference in most sales**

Sources: *Real Estate Staging Association, **Certified Staging Professionals, ***Home Gain

To get more information about staging, please contact Donna Ragona, Suite Design, www.suitedesign.ca or 289-291-1211.

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