Fun Birdhouses

Now that autumn has arrived, the air is going to begin cooling down, the leaves are going to get crunchy and golden, and the birds are going to start migrating south for the cold winter. However, not all birds will be traveling this season. In fact, some of them will stay right here in wintery Canada.
You must be thinking, “they are going to freeze.” We promise you they won’t freeze—years of adaptation have allowed them to survive even the coldest of winter nights. One thing they will struggle with, however, is finding enough food to eat.
If you are one of those individuals who loves to watch birds, or at least are one of those individuals who wants to ensure the cute little things don’t starve, consider installing a birdhouse in your yard. You can buy them pre-made, or even purchase kits to make them, but why not get creative?
We have compiled 10 very creative, very fun birdhouses for you to glean inspiration from! Here they are:

Have you had to replace your license plate recently? Put it to use and make a roof!

If you’re a lover of all things quaint and vintage, check out this RV inspired birdhouse!

If you are someone who enjoys bottled drinks, save your corks and use them to make a birdhouse just like the one pictured below!

Do you have old games you never play anymore? Use the pieces to make a fun, inspired birdhouse!

One man’s trash can be one bird’s gold! Save your milk cartons and bring out the paint!

Some birds like tea just as much as you do…

Here’s to you, booklovers…

Turn a regular birdhouse into a piece of art by painting it! Bonus points go to you if you get as creative as this person did:

Want to give more than one bird a home? Create your very own neighborhood.

Last but not least, if you are extremely handy with tools… you could attempt making this:

Remember that different food and different colours attract different birds, so do your research! If you put a birdhouse up now, the birds will settle in quickly and you’ll be able to have them around all winter long. Maintain the birdhouse and keep it stocked with food. Have fun with it!

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