Home Burglary

Victims of home burglary tyypically find the experience more than just a physical loss.  They find it traumatic, disturbing and intimidating.  Many are unsettled for weeks afterward, and have a feeling of being personally violated.  Predictably, residential burglary happens more frequently in households where crime prevention measures have not been taken.  Without making your home a fortress, it is relatively easy to take effective precautions.

Tackling home security need not be overwhelming.  The key is to adopt a problem solving approach: analyze (recognize the basic security risks around your property), implement (provide ideas, alternatives, and solutions so you can take appropriate steps to eliminate the risks), and evaluate (aid you in assessing the improvements).

Keep security and safety in mind when landscaping and lighting your property.  Use them to limit and monitor access.  Also, be sure to maintain your property.  Burglars look for clues to see if people are home.  Is your driveway shovelled, newspapers picked up, grass cut?

Keep in mind that no security system is 100% effective.  If you have locks and alarms use them.  If you are concerned about the safety of your home, call The Chambers Real Estate Team and we will provide you with a list of reputable, professional businesses which specialize in the design and installation of a security system for your home and property.


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