How Realtors Help

Not all real estate websites have the information you need to make an informed decision.  Did you know that REALTORS have access to a great deal more information when they visit websites like  REALTORS can access information like how many times the property has been offered for sale, when and for how much it was listed for, etc.  We also have access to the listing date, property disclosures, if there is a required deposit, vendor information and other things that play a vital role in determining value or to be used in negotiation strategies.

REALTORS also have access to information such as what similar houses in the area have sold for, how long it takes on average for properties to sell and what is the price they are being sold for.

For more information about properties that you are interested in and to learn about other ways that REALTORS can help you when buying or selling property, contact your local experts at Century 21 Power Realty.  The Chambers Real Estate Team is ready to help you get the most out of your real estate transaction.  Call Gary Chambers 403-820-2121 or Kimberly Suntjens 403-823-4000 today!

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