Preparing your property to sell this winter.

The secret to winter selling is appealing to the senses.  The weather makes potential buyers feel dreary and heavy laden.  Lightening, brightening, and de-cluttering your home goes a long way toward creating an attractive new environment– hopefully one that buyers can see themselves inhabiting!  As with selling at any time of year, the first step is making sure your house is in the best condition possible.  Make necessary repairs, ensure top quality, and price it appropriately.

As you take care of the basics, have fun with staging your home in the winter.  Here are some hot tips for getting the best offers.  Thoroughly clean and de-clutter your home.  By storing away personal items and neutralizing space, buyers are more likely to picture themselves living in the home.  Remember, the way you live in your home and the way we market and sell a house are two different things!

1. Clear a Path—If there is snow or ice, neatly shovel all walkways and driveways.  Sprinkle a layer of sand or ice melt over the sidewalk and any steps to ensure your buyers’ stable footing. Further enhance curb appeal by hanging a simple, classy winter wreath on the front door.

2. Let in the Light– Make sure your furniture is in good condition and arranged for the best traffic flow.  Open curtains and let in as much light as possible.  This counteracts the darkness of winter and makes buyers feel good.  Turn on every light in the house, including appliance and closets.

3. Turn on the Heat – Keep your house at a comfortable temperature.  You want the temperature inside to be warm, giving the buyer more of a reason to linger.

4. Create a Cozy Environment.  Decorate in a simple way.  Avoid excessive religious symbols which can easily make buyers feel uncomfortable. Make your house sparkle (wash windows; clean out cobwebs; if necessary re-caulk tubs, showers, sinks; polish chrome faucets and mirrors, vacuum daily, wash and wax floors, empty garbage and recycling bins, etc.

5. Use Timers and Technology to Your Advantage- Plug indoor and outdoor lamps into timers.  If you’re not home, you still want your house to look warm and welcoming whenever buyers drive past.

Gary Chambers

Gary Chambers

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