Specialized Packing Tips

The list of individual household items is endless.  Here are some packing tips for major items:

  • Bureau drawers- don't overload.  Too heavy a load can cause damage.  Remove any items that could break or leadk. 
  • Canned Goods and Other Non Frozen Food - pack upright with no more than 24 cans per carton.  Don't attempt to move perishables.  Wrap glass containers and boxed foods individually and pack in small cartons.
  • Frozen Foods and Plants - Because of the delicate and perishable nature of these items pack last and move first.
  • Lamps and Lampshades - remove bulbs, harps and shades.  Roll up cord.  Pack lamps with bedding or wrap separately and place upright in tissue lined carton.  Wrap harp and finial with packing paper and tape to inside wall of the carton.
  • Medicines - seal caps with masking tape.  Wrap and pack upright in small cartons. 
  • Mirrors - place tape diagonally across mirrors to protect better against damage

Good luck with your move.  Check our blog for a list of people that you can hire to help you.  Call The Chambers Real Estate Team - Gary Chambers 403.820.2121 or Kimberly Suntjens 403.820.2100 to help you find a house to move into!

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