The Security of Your Family and Home

You can not put a value on the security of your family and home.  You want your family to be safe in your home without having to worry.  But when you sell your home, you are opening it up to hoards of "potential buyers".  The problem is you never know who these people really are!  If you sell your home yourself, you have to meet with each one of these buyers yourself.  It is horrific to think, but it has happened- people have gone to a home on the premise of looking to purchase it and instead have committed a crime.

When you use a REALTOR, you don't have to meet with the potential buyers and thus expose your family and self to possible harm.  Instead, each person that enters your home is accompanied by a licensed REALTOR.  This helps you twofold.  First because the person is in your home with a REALTOR, you don't need to be there.  This mitigates the risk of someone harming you while in your home.  Secondly, the chance of someone committing a crime against your property, either through theft or vandalism, is drastically reduced by their REALTOR being present.  In addition, before a REALTOR shows your property to prospective buyers, they have verified their identity and prequalified their needs.

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Gary Chambers

Gary Chambers

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