Evergreen Helpful Hints

Overwintering Evergreens

Saskatchewan's winters are often responsible for severe damage to evergreens. Winter sun, wind, and cold temperatures can bleach and desiccate evergreen foliage, damage bark, and injure or kill branches on even the hardiest junipers, spruces, cedars, and pines.

The most important thing you can do to protect your evergreens is to supply them with enough water going into winter.  

Evergreens can be wrapped in burlap to protect from sun and wind, leaving the top open to allow light in.  Wrapping can also protect evergreens from street salt drift.  NEVER use plastic, which can seriously damage or kill the plant.   There is some disagreement among gardeners regarding wrapping.  Some insist this method harms more than helps, and prefer to erect a screen of sorts to block the sun and wind.  In any case, the best and most attractive solution is to buy hardy plants that resist sun scald and wind burn, then plant in a location that provides some protection from the worst elements.  Give them plenty of water in the fall and potassium and phosphate if needed, but NOT NITROGEN.  One of my favorite websites for checking out hardy plants for Estevan and Area (Zone 3A) is Dutch Growers -  http://www.dutchgrowers.com/index.html

If an evergreen has suffered winter injury, wait until mid-spring before pruning out injured foliage. Brown foliage is most likely dead and will not green up, but the buds, which are more cold hardy than foliage, will often grow and fill in areas where brown foliage was removed. If the buds have not survived, prune dead branches back to living tissue. Fertilize injured plants in early spring and water them well throughout the season. Then provide appropriate protection the following winter.  



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