Planting Estevan and Area

As an avid gardener, I take a special pleasure in spring's new growth.  The sight of those little green buds gets my blood pumping and my mind whirling!  There will be so many beautiful plants in the greenhouses this year, and what to plant where can be overwhelming even for those of us with green thumbs!  Estevan and area is Zone 3A, so perennials for Zones 3 and under should survive, and with proper care, thrive in your yard.  Even Zone 4 plants can overwinter with good protection, so don't write those off completely.  One of my favourite sun perennials is the daylily - easy to look after, lots of varieties, colours, sizes, and some even re-bloom.  Their grassy leaves look very nice even after the flowers have faded, so be sure to include these beauties in your garden!   And please stay tuned for more spring planting advice!

Stella d'oro Daylily 

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