Have you Addressed Your Address?

I came across this article (posted below) a little while ago and could definitely relate.  It asks the reader to consider how easy it is to identify their property's address from the street.  Most of the time this is simply to assist a friend to find your home, but occasionally it may involve emergency services attending.  How simple is it to identify your house on your street?  Seeing the house number in the day time might be no problem at all, but what about at night?

When the 911 number system was rolled out for rural homes when I was younger, the contractors tasked with installing numbers and posts at all houses picked a random spot in the yard and drove it into the ground.  My Dad, ever the handyman, built an attachment to the back of the mailbox so that the number floated over top.  It would be hard pressed to miss the house with the 911 number, with reflective numbering was over top of the mailbox, right next to the driveway.  I'd suggest that it is easier to find houses in the country because the numbers are on the road with reflective numbering, typically nearby the driveway.  In town, numbers are typically on the house as there isn't a mailbox on the road.  They are rarely lit, and typically going for form rather than function.

How do you address this?  Do you even know you have a problem needing addressing?  Have a neighbour on your street look at your home and point out any difficulties.  Invite over a friend that hasn't been to your house before.  Ask them if they found it difficult to find your house.  It could be as simple as trimming some bushes or installing a light to point at the address.

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QUOTED ARTICLE BELOW.  Taken verbatim from blog post.

If you have been a Realtor for any length of time...you have had the experience of driving to a showing or a listinAddress designg for the first time and while you may have had GPS or Onstar service...you want the verification that you really "have arrived"....at the right house.  

    The mailbox is bare....no address...you can't see numbers anywhere on the house...not at the front door... Maybe the home owner has chosen to make the address decorative....and have it blend in rather than stand out on the fence or siding of the house.

  address2  Maybe the background behind the numbers serves as more of a camoflague than a clear picture of the address.

    Maybe.....the address is simply not at all visible anywhere ....or at least not where it can be easily detected. 

      You may find as we did when we built our house...that the name of your street can be confusing....there is a Lane, Court, Avenue, Drive, Street etc. that all have the same name as yours....and it confuses GPS systems, mail delivery etc.  New Berlin WI now has a law that no two streets can regardless of whether they are a street, avenue, boulevard, etc. can have the same name.

       While all these situations mentioned lead to confusion by guests, common carriers and mail delivery...that is not the real issue. The REAL issue is that is also confusing for emergency vehichles. No one plans that 9ambulance11 call for an ambulance or fire truck....life happens. Inability to read an address on a property can cause life costing minutes of delay in reaching people when every minute counts.

    If you take a listing....know a neighbor.....objectively look at the  display of your own address and notice that if it is 

obscured by bushes, vines or trees....or is too small....in any way is not clearly visible..do them a favor...let them know that what may seem like a small change can mean the difference between life and death. #displayinganaddress

   This is a public service message brought to you by Sally and David Hanson, Realtors honored to be serving southeastern Wisconsin.

Source: http://activerain.com/blogsview/4924048/have-you-addressed-your-address----it-could-be-a-lifesaver--?utm_campaign=base&utm_medium=email&utm_source=dailydrop


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