Monday Musings - Day One

Here we are everyone, the next chapter.  A year in the making, often in secret, but we made it.

I'm sitting here in our main offices on a rainy day trying to get my schedule in order; it is a big change!  Coming from previous workplaces with a set schedule and set expectations it is a freeing feeling to be on your own schedule, free to do your own thing, but also unnerving as there is no one sitting on your shoulder making sure you are on-task.  Though I'm not expecting that this career will have a reliable 9-5 schedule, I want to make sure I'm using my time wisely and setting myself up for success.

I now have a website to manage, which is currently under construction, so be sure to keep checking back as it gets up to speed.  

I have Instagram finally (@garrettverbakel) and still learning how that works, and that its normal to use hashtags.  I've actually made a few connections in the last 12 hours based solely on my use of hashtags!  

I've been on Twitter (@verbakelrealty) for a number of years after a reluctant adoption period during teacher's college, but quickly saw the benefit if for nothing more than breaking news and sports updates.  But now I have two accounts to manage (personal & business) and always on the look out for worthwhile topics to forward to my followers.

The big one, Facebook.  I now have a business page to manage and learn about.  Though I've heard about online analytics and tracking progress and success, I never really knew what it looked like or what to do with it but I find it fascinating and look forward to understanding it all.

I'd like to set up a regular posting schedule on Facebook and my website for a number of reasons.  It provides me with regular targets to meet.  I can hopefully see some regular viewers stopping by to see what I've found; and finally, I don't want to destroy everyone's Facebook Feed!  I've definitely un-liked certain companies on Facebook when their posts became unbearable and relentless.  

It's a fine balance you need to strike.  For people that already know me, they may not know me as a real estate professional and I need to change that.  I also need to reach people I've yet to meet to let them know what I'm all about.  But if I alienate my core groups because of over-posting, I'm doing myself and you a disservice.

So after all of that, here is what I'm thinking:

My website will have a regular Monday Blog, tentatively titled 'Monday Musings', meant to cover topics particularly relevant to real estate and the real estate markets.  This blog will be highlighted on Twitter and Facebook.

Tuesday to Friday will have a main post of the day, using an alliterative topic of sorts (Tuesday Tech, Wednesday's Wild Homes, etc), and be posted mainly to Twitter and Facebook.  These will be a bit more lighthearted and curated from my time online.

Twitter will be an as-it-comes service.  I see something useful, I'll tweet/retweet it out.  Instagram will be a little more personal, and posts come as necessary.  Facebook will try to stick to the aforementioned schedule, but if something important or time-sensitive it will go up.

Hopefully this hasn't been to rambling of an initial post.  I really want to be a useful tool and conduit providing good information and topics for people, so please do follow along.  Regular service will begin tomorrow!




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