5 Things Agents Must Tell Every Seller Before Listing

With the new year as the market is evolving your clients looking to sell may expect quick sales and big numbers. All real estate  sales professional must educate sellers that they are not doomed; but they need to understand top five facts discussed below; to avoid any misconceptions. 

1. Staging: Decor of the house may instantly persuade the prospective buyers to make the buying decision. So don’t fear to stage your home this may be an additional expense but worth it if you are looking for a quick sale. Feel free to take references from 5Amazing Seasonal Home Staging Quick Sale Tips if you decide to do it yourself.

2. Market Matters: There is nothing wrong as a seller to expect big numbers; but do not forget, often the market dictates pricing on many instances. So keep in mind that your home’s worth is solely dependent on the market opinion. Not all real estate sellers are aware of this fact; to enhance your credibility real estate professionals should update them on the competition and give them expert home pricing tips to help them understand your pricing strategy.

3. Renovations: In many cases, maintaining a stringent repair budget is the best approach to keep things under control and organised. Also often renovated real estate is an eye candy for prospective buyers and may persuade a difference when it comes to price.

4. Incentives: If you are looking for a quick offering practical incentives might persuade buyer and attract just the right attention needed to get the home sold for the right price. Talk to your sellers early about how they might be prepared to sweeten the deal if the right offers don’t come rolling in. Talking incentives early and building them into the marketing plan can arm both agent and seller with the ammunition to jump potential marketing hurdles and beat out the competition for a fast sale.

5. Local Business: Make sure you seller is educated that real estate is a local industry and that asking price isn't everything. To help they understand the factors that influence the pricing of real estate educate them prices may vary by neighbourhood and many other local market influencers. For many sellers, seeing the numbers is just the ammo they need to agree to the right price.

We’ll these are my recommendations every agent Century 21 President agents follows to educate their sellers before listing their home. I would like to hear from you! Tell me! What would you add to the list of seller must-knows? Don't forget to leave your comments, suggestions below.

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