How To Organize Your Home for Back to School

This action plan will prepare your family to embrace the first day of school with a smile. The transition to school after all the fun family vacation time can make home life even busier and messier. As your schedules once again become dominant with school activities and the house is strewn with important school papers and stringent timelines to crunch creative craft projects. Here are a few tips to help you organize the chaos before school starts.

Clean the fridge shutterstock_266450780

Start by taking down all the summer camp art projects and already-happened wedding invitations allowing room for important phone numbers and weekly test papers your young scholars will soon be bringing home. This will help you organize the unwanted mess as well as give the kids a chance to show off their test grades and use the fridge as a career progress board. 

Once the exterior is done make sure to get inside the fridge and clean out all the picnic leftovers and stock up on the healthy and quick breakfasts, packed lunches, after-school snacks. Simplify the food as much as possible into grab and go items. 

Stock the closets 

Courtesy of California Closets.

Courtesy of California Closets.

A new first-day-of-school outfit is a childhood ritual. But before you add to your child’s wardrobe, take stock of what they’ve outgrown during the summer months. And don’t forget the weather will probably be changing soon. Stock the warmer clothes for the coming season and pack away the summer clothes.  A clean and organized closet and dresser will make getting out the door in the morning easier for everyone. Similarly, catching up with laundry and creating a laundry system if you don’t already have one will keep your life running more smoothly.

Create a schedule

Kitchen is the best place to place a schedule bulletin board as this will catch attention of all members of the family. You’ll want to keep a calendar, filing system, address book, notepads for taking phone messages, and plenty of pens, since they always seem to go missing. This is also where paperwork should go to be sorted and put away, or signed and sent back to school. Mark all the upcoming events on the huge calendar without which every kitchen is incomplete. 

Make mealtime easy

Meal-planning will save you time and money — not to mention protect your sanity when you’re running home from work and PTA meetings. To keep the grownups fueled, set up a coffee station in your kitchen where they can grab a to-go mug easily. Create a menu, and make a master shopping list to prep for the week. That way, you’ll know exactly what to make when everyone’s hungry, and you won’t waste ingredients. shutterstock_117974122

Keep a list on your fridge to remind you of the week’s menu. And when inquiring minds ask what’s for dinner, you can direct them to the menu. Prepping a few extra meals to throw in the freezer now will ease the busy first few weeks of school, too.

Organize the shoes 

School brings with it a lot of germs from backpacks, lunch bags, gym bags, artwork, and library books. The mudroom or entryway will be the drop-off point and can quickly become a disaster without a system. So designate spots for shoes, backpacks, lunch bags, gym bags, artwork, and library books

Courtesy of California Closets.

Courtesy of California Closets.

While the transition will take some getting used to, having solid systems in place in your home can help you ease the stress, and focus on the enjoyment of an exciting new school year. Get more home design ideas to keep you inspired.

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