Top 5 House Hunting Things To Inspect Before Buying

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Although the home buying process is stressful and time consuming there is no room for neglecting flaws in the house. Especially if you are house hunting as a first time buyer some of the areas to pay attention that could be a  real nightmare after you sign on the dotted line.

Found your dream house, made the right offer, and you’re ready to make a down payment? Don't be in the rush, to ensure all the things fall in place well and to avoid your dream home from becoming a real nightmare after you sign on the dotted line. 

Here are five things that commonly tend to slip your attention in the buying process hassle, also make sure you ask all the questions back to trace out the truth.

1. Leaks: Leaky faucets, radiators, ceilings, roofs are very common, but they can be fixed very easily before the closing. It doesn’t pay to mask something that isn’t a huge issue and can be fixed. Transparency increases value however it is very crucial for the prospective buyers to keep asking questions if they see any leaks during a home visit. 

2. Pests: The entire house looks wonderful, but believe it or not, termites could be eating away inside the walls. Disclosure laws about pests vary from state to state. However sellers tell buyers about potential infestations during the sales process. Home inspection is another credible way to find if there are any more flaws in the house. 

3. Emotional defects: Depending on the state, sellers don’t necessarily have to disclose whether a property is haunted or if “emotional defects” such as a death or a murder occurred there. However if you snoop around a little with the neighbors getting these answers is a easy task. 

4. Issues with the roof or foundation: Major cracks in the foundation mold in the basement, could be the worst to find out after owning a home. So try to look around in the house to spot any early signs. Again home inspection when done by a professional can often trace these flaws instantly. 

5. Age of systems: Age of the water heaters and HVAC systems is always good to know. But a home inspector could find out that information very quickly. So make sure the sellers have disclosed the right dates and if you have any confusion home inspectors are the best source to verify things for you. 

Questions you should ask:

Don’t just limit your questions to the real estate agents — ask your potential new neighbors about the home as well

  • Why are the sellers moving?
  • Have you seen any repair trucks there lately?
  • Are there any construction problems in the neighborhood?

Being diligent in asking questions is an important piece of the puzzle, who should take every opportunity to get to know as much about the house also by checking the neighborhood and getting to know the neighbors. 

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