Curb Repealed: What To Look For Outside of the Home

I’ve written before on what to considering doing as a Seller to make the exterior of your home more appealing to buyers. As a Buyer, though, what should you be looking for from Sellers?

Curb appeal extends past the white picket fence. It’s easy to become entranced with a home and not notice the exterior details. Especially when you love the interior so much and the outside looks nice. However, it is worth it to spend a few more minutes outside during inspection.


Here are a few places to check before you go ahead with purchase:


Luscious green trees can make the exterior of a home so beautiful. However there are a few risks associated with trees. For instance, when trees grow too large and the roots extend too far underneath a home, they can cause foundation problems.

It is also not uncommon when trees grow large that their brands may extend to the roof of a house. While it looks beautiful, the branches could cause damage to the roof shingles. As well, the branches may allow easy access to your roof for little animals such as squirrels.


Similar to trees, foliage can either increase the curb appeal of a home or cause issues. Foliage that is within close proximity to the house may be hiding carpenter ants or other bugs that could ruin a house’s paint job or the wood foundation.


We get so busy taking in the big picture that we lose track of the details. During an inspection make sure you look down. The concrete of a driveway can be a big indicator as to the foundation of a home. Notice any cracks which could be the result of tree roots, or a sign of moisture penetration which can subsequently ruin the concrete further in the future.



So what do you do?

Do not fret if you find any small issues. Make a note of all the problems found during inspection and then either ask that the sellers repair these issues, or offer compensation so that they may be repaired following purchase.


Also Remember:
Keep in mind future restorations. The exterior of your home is integral to its foundation. As well, you may want to sell in the future.

• Up-keep foliage surrounding the home.
• Regular maintainance to the irrigation and watering systems.
• Keep a close eye on the growth of trees on your property.


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