How to Get the Most Out of Your Roof

We often take our roof for granted. What we forget is that the roof of our home is actually one of, if not the most, important features of our house. We don’t call it The Roof Over Our Heads for nothing.

Whether you have just invested in a new roof, or your roof is years old, keeping it in good shape prolongs its life. A healthy roof is certainly a selling point when the time comes!




  1. Clean Gutters

When build-up occurs in your gutters due to piled leaves what can happen is that the sludgey pile of leaves can wick up and rot the roof.

Once this damage is done, it’s done – and could end up costing you a lot of money. Simply by cleaning your gutters once in a while, you can avoid such costly damages.

Or you can hire someone else to do it if you feel unsteady on ladders.


  1. Clean Roof

Generally leaves collect around chimneys or in the valleys of your roof – even if there are no looming trees nearby. If these leave do not get blown away, they will eventually trap moisture and decompose.

Similarly, moss is a common accumulation on rooftops. While it may look a little icky, this moss is often not harmful to your roof.

That said, a lot of build-up can become an issue, in which case you will have to kill the moss before cleaning it. Subsequently, there are a few ways, once the moss is cleaned, to keep it from growing back – including zinc strips which are more eco-friendly than pesticide.


  1. Clean Trees

The gist of this point is to trim your trees. Preventing nearby, looming trees from over growth and allowing the branches to hit your roof is a crucial prevention technique.

In terms of keeping moss, leaves, and avoiding damaging, trimming your trees goes a long, long way.

Tree limbs can cause abrasion, damage individual shingles, and cause an overall mess.

Moreover, low hanging branches allow a bridge from the tree to your roof for critters like squirrels and other rodents. Not something you particularly want.


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