How to Move into a Smaller Home

For many people there comes a time when own a big house isn’t worth it any more. Perhaps the children have flown the coop. Perhaps the many levels and staircases are not feasible anymore. Whatever the reason may be for moving into a smaller home, I’m here to give you tips and advice!


Where should you start…?


Create a Floor Plan

Try drawing up a floor plan of your new home. Instead of wasting time moving in all your furniture, expecting it will fit, get into specifics.

Measure your new home’s dimensions as well as your belongings you know you want to take with you. This way you will already know where the important stuff will go, which rooms will correspond to your present layout.


List Out Your Belongings

Over the years we accumulate so many things. This is the perfect time and reason to pare down!

Start by documenting everything you own. Whatever method suits you is fine, whether its spreadsheets or packing apps, as long as you’re thorough!

Once you have a complete list, it’s time to think about what can go:

  • To Keep: Meaningful, useful, or valuable items.
  • To Throw: Damaged items that are unfit for selling or donation. Recycle or dump at your discretion.
  • To Donate/ Give-Away: Items in good condition that either have little market value, or that you think others may want or need.
  • To Sell: Doubles or unneeded items in good condition. Try a yard sale or go online to sell.

Lucky for you, now that you’ve pared down, you can also use your list for packing!


Don’t Put It Off!

Waiting until the last minute is a bad idea. Downsizing is a big job. Give it the time it requires.

If you put it off you leave the risk of either becoming overwhelmed and not being ready come moving day, end up throwing everything in boxes without sorting resulting in owning far too many things for your smaller home, or making mistakes when throwing things out (imagine giving away Grandmas priceless vase that’s been in the family for centuries!).

Start early and stay organized! If you take the time, down-sizing will be a breeze!


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