How to Prepare for a Home Inspection

I’ve written before on the question of whether a Home Inspection is a worth it. Now we’re going to look at how to prepare for a Home Inspection.

Home Inspections have be a nerve-wracking experience for Home Sellers. Any small thing can have a great impact on the potential buyer’s view of your home and whether they want to proceed with the sale.


Here is how to prepare you home for best results:


  • Maintain your Maintenance

Maintaining the home is an integral part of sustaining home longevity. Whether roof shingles, carpet, or indoor/outdoor paint, all details should be maintained.

If the time comes for an Inspection and you notice things like a dirty carpet or loose roof shingles, it is a good idea to take care of these problems.

Remember that appliances are a big selling point for buyers. If your fridge is not cold any more, or laundry machines don’t work well, it may be time to update.

In terms of advance preparation, try to keep a list of previous maintenance done to the home – re-carpeting, or various other updates. As well, keep track of the money you spent on upgrades. Lists like these will be useful for Inspections or Appraisals.


  • Appearances Matter

One thing you can do, if anything else, is ensure the outside of your home is appealing. When buyers are in love with the appearance of your home that first impression lasts.

If the outside of your home is dingy, the inside (no matter how lovely) will be coloured  unappealing.


  • Love Your Home

You may be selling, but that does not mean that you should pretend that you don’t care. Take pride in the home that has provided a roof for you.

Buyers realize the value of a home that has been well-loved.


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