The 5 Don’ts of Selling Your Home

The best thing about owning your own home is that you can make whatever changes you want. You can create a space tailored to your own needs and interests. However, if you're planning on selling, you may have to make a few changes…


Here are 5 Don’ts for Selling Your Home:


  1. Turning A Garage Into Anything Other Than A Garage

For your lifestyle it may have been extremely useful to convert the Garage into a Gym, or a Family Room, or spare suite.

Unfortunately, Buyers will most likely be turned off by the fact that there isn’t a garage. When it comes to converting the Garage, Buyers prefer that choice rest with them.


  1. Pimping Out Your Children’s Rooms

Where Children love the idea of over-the-top Fantasy Caves in the place of their bedroom, for potential Buyers who may have older children the room really only represents the amount of effort, time, and money they will have to spend to convert it back.


  1. Smoke In Your House

It may be your House, but if you ever plan on selling consider smoking outside. While the Weather isn’t always accommodating, cigarette smoke has a way of leeching into every surface and staying there. It is quite a job to get the smell of cigarettes out of carpet, walls, and wood floors.


  1. Keep Animals Toys And Beds Out

We love our pets - they’re part of the family; but they’re not part of everyone’s family. Their saliva covered toys and stuffed beds that are torn and have stuffing falling out (which we find adorable) is an eyesore for Buyers. Not to mention animal toys can get stinky.

If you have pets, it will be in your best interests to remove their toys from public view and spend some extra time cleaning the areas your fluffy friends frequent.


  1. Install Themed Or Over The Top Fixtures

We all have our own taste when it comes to decorating. You may have been ecstatic to find that country farm-house themed light fixture – perfect to go with your restored wooden dinner table. Remember: just because it’s your taste doesn’t mean it’s everyone’s taste.

Over-the-top fixtures can turn Buyers off when they consider they will have to install new ones to go with their own more toned down décor choices.


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