Top 10 Tips on How to Keep your Home Clean

1. Choose one cleaning chore per day. For example: Monday, sweep and wash the kitchen and dining room floors. Sweep or vacuum the living room floors on Tuesdays then clean the bathroom on Wednesdays. This will eliminate the feeling of being overwhelmed and make this as a routine.

2. Make the beds as soon as you get up. Ask other household members to do the same. Fluff your pillows and straightened the sheets for a crisp, clean look.
3. Make a habit of putting things away or pick up as you go. Instead of setting things where you stand, bring your cup or glass directly to the kitchen. Throughout the day as you go from room to room, remove items from the floor such as toys, books, newspaper or magazines and put them in their appropriate place. Encouraging the members of your household to do the same will save you time cleaning.
4. Address the bathroom. The most efficient way to do this task is to find a durable cloth. Use it to wipe mirror(s) then use it to wipe the counter top, the sink and faucet. You can also use the same cloth to wipe the tub. Using a shower spray cleaner, clean the shower area including curtain liner to prevent soap scum and mildew. Use the same cloth one last time to wipe the toilet seat and rim then use the brush to clean the toilet bowl.
5. Straightened up the living areas. Dust off all the furniture and fixtures. Clear all the clutter on the tables and finally fluff the pillows on the sofa and fold or put away blankets or throws.
6. Tackle the most critical task in the kitchen. Gather all the dirty dishes around the dining room and the kitchen and load them in the dishwasher and start a cycle. Wipe down all counters and appliances when doing the dishes. Make this a habit by doing it every time you wash the dishes.
7. Take the trash out. You can use plastic shopping bags to line the trashcans especially the one in the bathrooms. When the bags are full, put them into a larger garbage can (such as the one in the kitchen). Take out the trashcan and clean the garbage can if odors linger.
8. Fold each load of clothing after taking it out of the dryer. Put the load away immediately. It's going to have to be done at some point anyway and it reduces the chance of making a mountain out of a molehill by waiting until you have three or more loads piled up.
9. Box up items you don't use and store them in the basement, attic or garage. Chances are that you will never miss anything you have packed away. If the box is still there, untouched after a year, give it to the Good will or throw it out.
10. Remember to complete one task everyday to alleviate chores adding up.

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