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Last Tuesday (March 01,2011), along with a large group of Century 21 Agents from across Atlantic Canada, my business partner, Lee Coley and I attended the "Spring into Success" event put on by Don Lawby, Kevin Stanley and the Century 21 Canada folks from Head Office. The guest speaker was a young, self confident and quite entertaining #1 Producer from the U.S.: Jared James. Although he seamed to go off topic quite a bit, he did have a couple of very important messages: one that agents should dress appropriately for the job, and that we all should start a "CORE 100 Group"

This "Core 100 Group" should consist of only business and other related services who you can send referred leads, and, here's the clincher: exclusively receive referrals. Jared said it would not be easy, and I believe him. After nearly a week now, Lee and I have not yet reached twenty people who we do business with or send leads to who have agreed to these terms, but I can certainly see that when we do get our core, we will benefit.

Our next step is to contact our "Century 21 Referral Network" across the country and invite them to join with us. I will keep you up to date on that. Meanwhile, if you wish to join with Lee Coley and I, we are in the HAlifax/Dartmouth area and are certainly willing to live with the terms, but space is limited so hurry.

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