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The North End of Halifax is a neighbourhood located in the urban core of Nova Scotia's Halifax Regional Municipality,occupying the northern part of the Halifax Peninsula. The east and north boundaries are the “Narrows” of Halifax Habour and the Bedford Basin. The other boundaries of the North End are not as easily defined. The western boundary is somewhere between Oxford St and Robie St with Windsor St being the generally accepted boundary. The southern boundary is generally accepted to be North St.

Halifax’s North End was most dramatically marked by the Halifax Explosion on December 6, 1917. Prior to the explosion, the North End was an industrial area with the railway station located at the foot of North St, factories, cotton mills and prisons lined the waterfront alongside military installations including HMC Dockyard and Stadacona. During the war years, the north end of Halifax Harbour and the “Narrows” were major staging grounds for ships heading to Europe.

Following the explosion, new residential construction saw the development of the Hydrostone neighbourhood and the redevelopment of other areas of the community. The North End has grown and thrived over the years despite its label as being one of the “poorer” neighbourhoods in the city. Part of the North End includes subsidized and public housing projects like Mulgrave Park and Uniacke Square but a large part of the area also includes affordable housing both from a rental and sale perspective. Many homes and areas of the North End have been renovated and improved. In recent years, the high cost of rents in other parts of the city have driven students, artists, musicians and others in the creative arts to the North End ‘s more affordable housing. This has given rise to a thriving and eclectic community in the North End of the city.

The North End is home to a number of Elementary and Junior High Schools which feed into the recently built Citadel High School located in Central Halifax. The Shambala School is an independent, non-denominational day school offering a creative, integrated curriculum that incorporates academics and the arts for pre-Primary to Grade 12.

There are a number of green spaces, play grounds and community gardens throughout the North End many as the result of initiatives by the residents of the area. Whether you are a long-time resident of the North End, someone raised in the north end who has moved away or a current resident, one thing is common – north enders have a tremendous amount of pride and loyalty to where they live.

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