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West End

West End Halifax is a mostly residential neighbourhood with some commercial areas as part of the mix. It is a highly populated area made up of families, senior citizens and students all with different needs and concerns.

Typical West End Halifax streetscape

The area consists primarily of single family housing with some apartment and condo complexes but not nearly as many as in other areas of the city. Student housing is of course popular in this area as well.

Park in West End Halifax








The area also includes lots of parks and green space, schools and churches.

Northwest Arm

The Northwest Arm runs along the western border of the West End through to the Armdale Traffice Circle.

In the 1920’s the first Airport in Halifax was built in this area; today the site of the air field is marked by Saunders Park and Memorial.

After World War II, this area filled in with Victory Homes. Victory Homes were built and owned by Wartime Housing Ltd. a crown corporation designed to provide housing to veterans returning from the war. In Halifax, the subdivision of Westmount grew up with these Victory Homes; a unique feature of the subdivision is the fact that the front doors of the homes face into a large green space in the centre of the subdivision rather than facing the road. Today many of these homes have been upgraded and renovated; it is a popular area for families and young professionals due to the unique layout of the houses.

Armdale Traffic Circle also known as the Armdale Rotary

The western boundary of the West End is the Northwest Arm and the Armdale Rotary or Traffic Circle. The Armdale Rotary was originally designed in the post-war era to handle traffic coming onto the peninsula. As the city of Halifax grew and more people travelled into the city, the “rotary” was redesigned in 2007 to a traffic circle which has provided a better traffic flow for the thousands of commuters who use it daily.

 Titanic Grave SiteGravestones of the Victims of the Titanic








At the northwest corner of the West End is the Fairview Lawn Cemetery which houses a memorial and gravesite where more than 121 victims from the sinking of the Titanic are laid to rest.

Quinpool Rd Shopping District

 Quinpool Road is considered to be the Southern boundary of the West End. Quinpool Rd is home to many small businesses, apartment complexes, restaurants and shopping.

The Oxford Theatre








The Oxford Theatre located on the corner of Quinpool Rd and Oxford Streets is one of the only free-standing theatres in Halifax. Now owned by Empire Theatre, the Oxford theatre is reminiscent of the old days of film theatres - wide aisles and comfy seats and a large balcony section.

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